thank you my brothers and sisters.! The Angels, Munkar, and Nakir question the kafir in the grave; after hearing his/her response they hit them with a hammer-like object. Answer: The daughters of Allah. These are great questions to ask because they test the participants on their biology, zoology and even sometimes chemistry knowledge. Answer: Qadar. 14. History General Knowledge Questions – Cold War Quiz, Gk Quiz Questions for Class 10 with Answers. Allah has no equal or similar.Angels are made from light and have wings. 79. These Holy books were revealed in the holy month of Ramadan. Allah is neither a light nor hard body… Either they are forgiven by Allah and go to Paradise without punishment, or they will be punished for a time in hellfire and then enter Paradise. Answer: Kaaba. Answer: In Transjordan. The Qu’ran  has many benefits; it is used as a medicine and cures by Allah’s will. Answer: Ibrahim. He claimed prophethood which is against the Qu’ran, Hadith and scholarly consensus of this nation. Quran calls the Christians and the Jews Bani Israeel. Answer: 114. He saw that most of the people of  Paradise were poor Muslims in this world. 4. This scholar is deeply respected and appreciated for his many contributions to Islam. What is the scripture of Islam religion? Answer: Seven times. This does not mean to degrade women, but rather it is saying the truth Al-Qu’ran is teaching us about Angels. Answer: Islamic quiz questions . Who are they? Know that It is not permissible to ask those who do not have knowledge an Islamic Judgement, nor is it permissible for the unqualified person to answer. We are asking Allah to increase the Prophets honor and rank and to to protect the Prophet’s nation. How many times does one go round Kaaba in one Tawaf? He was falsely accused of an evil action and later proven innocent. "O Allah, have mercy on us and protect us. This means that one of the so-called Gods did not get what he willed, which is a sign of weakness. 69. Where does Quran recommend reading it during night is more fruitful because during night mind will be free from all other thoughts? The last Juzu starts with a surah called ‘An-Naba’.Define “Al-Hawd” in the hereafter.Al-Hawd is a large body of water which is described as being whiter than snow and sweeter than honey. Answer: To surrender one’s self to God’s will. Last chapter in Quran: The Attributes of Allah are not limited by a number. Answer: Ibrahim Nabi’s. Question & Answers (0) There are three members in Abdullah's Family. Which chapter in Quran stresses monotheism? 2. Seek knowledge from the scholars, even if that means traveling to Africa or Asia.What is the difference between the personal obligatory knowledge and the collective obligatory knowledge?The personal obligatory knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim who is sane and pubescent to know. The companions did not just write books and give them away, but rather they explained face-to-face the details of the knowledge given to them by the Messenger of Allah. "Allah gave the Prophets miracles to show people that they hold the truth. In Arabic the way to say ‘Jesus’ is ‘^Isa’ (^alayhis-salaam).How did Prophet Ibrahim show his people that Allah is not a body?Prophet Ibrahim showed His people that Allah is not a body; a body has a limit and moves from one place to another. Therefore it is against the Holy Qu’ran to say that Allah loves all the creation. Air is a light body. Becoming 15 lunar years of age.What are the names of the four famous Holy books revealed to four honorable Prophets, and what special month were they revealed in? He explained the Qu’ran and authored many books. Anything that changes is in need of a beginning, middle and ending. Answer: Because it was in a month of Ramadan that Allah revealed the sacred Quran for the first time. 90. 34. Answer: The speed at which the mission of Allah be spread. How could He love someone and send them to hellfire forever?Who came with a book called “Al-Injeel” and how do we say that Prophet’s name in Arabic?Prophet Jesus came with Al-Injeel, which is the true Bible and not the one we see today since it contains many statements insulting Allah and His Prophets. The prophet told us that whoever visits His grave will be granted shafa^ah by Him.O Allah, enable us to visit his grave in Medina.A Prophet may fall into a small sin which is not abject or mean. "What is the simple mental proof that there is only one God without a partner?If there were two so-called Gods, and one willed for a person to be alive but the other willed for the same person to die, could a person be alive and dead at the same time? Anyone who is weak is not God. Answer: Ramadan. Who is the ‘He’ referred to here? In how many ways do the Muhammad get messages according to Quran? The more you learn about Prophet Muhammad and His message, the more your heart softens and it is purified from the ways of misguidance. Islamic Terms 10 questions Average , 10 Qns, WiseTao, May 14 04 Arabic is a hard language, so let's see if you can decipher some of its terms relating to Islam! They are neither male nor female. The supposed span of life of Noah: When should the Hajj pilgrims be present in Arafah? Answer: The offspring’s of Israel. This is the meaning of a statement mentioned in a sacred book. How many chapters are there in Quran? Answer: That it would wipe away the practice of interest on money. 89. Answer: Khadīja bint Khuwaylid. What does the number of wings of angels represent? 21. Answer: Caliph Abu Bakr. In Al-^Aqeedah he said that if a person hit glass with a stone and broke it, then the acts of hitting and breaking and the state of the glass being broken were created by Allah. Answer: Juz. Why is the month of Ramadan chosen for observing fasting? Professor Ira Lapidus in his book, A History of Islamic Societies writes: “The question of why people convert to Islam has always generated intense feeling. Some, like the prophets and martyrs, will fly over the Sirat; others, like the kuffar and some bad Muslims will fall into the hellfire. Answer: Palestine. 61. The collective obligatory knowledge is like knowing the whole Qu’ran or mastering the Arabic language. Allah gave Moses the Power to hear His Kalam (Speech) which is not like our speech composed of letters, sounds, and having a beginning and ending. Allah praised the Prophets in many Ayahs in the Qu’ran and ordered us to follow them. Riddle #1. 59. The best answers are those who are supported by proof from Qur'an, Alsunna, and Ijma^ scholarly consensus, and based on that, our questions are answered.A concerned mother asks: What should I teach my children first, Quran, Iman, or Prayer?Answer:Since Iman in Allah and His Messenger is the foundation upon which all actions of worship depend on, the methodology of the Prophet (Peace be upon him) is to fortify the knowledge pertaining to knowing Allah and His Messenger. They are also known as Qadianis. The Ayah in Surat-al-Ahzab  means , “He is the Messenger of Allah, and the last of all the Prophets.”  This ayah refers to Prophet Muhammad.Prophet Yusuf was one of the most handsome men. They do not have facial or body hair. What will the kafir say while seeing this happen?The kafir will say “I wish I was sand” which means “I wish I lived my life as an animal and turned into sand rather than being a kafir.It is strongly recommended to visit the Prophet’s grave in Medina and give him salaam. Share on Social Media. If you feel up to the task, what do you say to a handful of hard trivia questions? Answer: A dowry paid to bride in honor. d) 1,24,000. Where is Baalbek city situated? The Qu’ran contains verses read when encountered with fear, depression, and many other cases. Answer: An-Nās. It is possible that a Prophet may fall into a small non-abject sin but they would repent immediately before anyone imitates them. They have a will and always choose to obey Allah.What are the meanings of the word “nur” and what does the name of Allah "An-Nur” mean?Nur, also spelled ‘noor’ could mean light, or it could have a meaning related to guidance. When predominantly Christian Europe was mired into the Dark Ages of the medieval period, Islamic culture experienced its "golden age," producing and preserving knowledge that would shape the future of astronomy, medicine, education, chemistry and literature. The insane 2. Ilyās belongs to which origin? Why was the Prophet buried in Medina and not Mecca?The Prophet said that “Prophets should be buried wherever they die.”What is the meaning of the name of Allah “Ar-Raziq”?Ar-Raziq means “the one who makes sustenance reach His slaves” Sustenance is everything that is beneficial whether it is Islamically lawful or not.How does one say “Whatever Allah willed to be shall be “in the Arabic language? In another Hadith, the Prophet said that a time would come when you would see many different ideas;  hold strongly to the majority. Answers are given at the bottom of this page. Answer: Israel. Which is the first cultural home built for human race, according to Quran? 2. Their statements is a proof to their ignorance.Why is it so dangerous to speak without knowledge in Islam?The Prophet told us that a place in hellfire is prepared for the person who speaks without knowledge. 3. 91. Where is Sodom located? 1. 46. He is the one who guided us to the greatest blessing in this world, which is Islam. 16. Who is Abbas ibn Abdul-Muttalib? Mention at least three characteristics of the people of Paradise: 1. 76. Angels perform different tasks.What is the proof from the Qu’ran that Angels never disobey Allah?This Ayah in Surat At-Tahrim means that Angels always do what they are ordered to do.Many scholars mentioned that a Muslim must know at least 13 attributes of Allah. The animals will be turned into sand. Answer: Mohammad. Why are the philosophic teachings in Quran repeated? Allah does not need what He created 3. Allah created the good, blessed it, and ordered it. How old was Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) This was true in body and soul. 25. Answer: Mohammad’s. Why do Muslims observe ‘Salah’? How could the One who is not in need of anyone be like the creation who need Allah in every moment of their existence. You can ask any question you want about the religion of Islam and you can find answers to your questions from our archive that contain tens of thousands of questions that our users asked before. There were no Prophets between Jesus and Muhammed. The examples of kurfr words are so many. Answer: Hujurat. 50 Questions And Answers On Islamic Monotheism Q1 Who is your Rubb? Answer: Yāˈqub Isḥāq. What does the word Hajar al Aswad mean? Islam Quiz Questions with Answers. The laws Prophet Jesus came with were slightly different from the laws Prophet Moses came with. Which of The Companions of The Prophet Pbuh Recorded The Divine Revelation? This shows His status among them.How do we say the Attribute of Oneness in Arabic, and what does it mean?“Al-Wahdaniyyah”; this attribute means that Allah is One without a partner.What is the lineage of the Prophet Muhammad?He is Muhammad, the son of ^Abdullah, the son of ^Abul-Muttalib, the son of Hashim, the son of ^Abdu-Manaf from the tribe of Quraysh. This is confirmed by the Qu’ran, Hadith, and scholarly consensus.Why is it blasphemy to say that Allah loves all the creation? It is also kurfr to say about a matter that is commonly known between Muslims as haram, which is halal and vise-versa. What is your religion? Who are they?Prophets, Martyrs, and some Pious Muslims.On the Day of Judgment, Allah will bring all the humans and animals back to life. { }What is the meaning of “ Ahlus-Sunnah Wal-Jama^a”?The people of the Sunnah, meaning those who follow the creed and methodology of the Prophet Muhammad, and the Jama^ah, meaning the Prophet’s Companions.What is the general proof of the existence of Allah?Every action needs an actor, every book needs a writer, every building needs a builder, every painting needs an artist…and so forth. Be sincere and you will win. Prophets never do such sins. The father was once a child, and the son will likely be a father by God’s will. We can not attribute weakness to God. 28. Name the Israel origin prophet and king? 73. This is medicine to our hearts and great enlightenment to our understanding.How can one show that Imam-^Ali loved Abu-Bakr, ^Umar, and ^Uthman?Imam – Ali pledged allegiance to them when they were Khalifahs (Rulers) .Imam- ^Ali named his children (these children were not from Lady Fatimah, the Prophet’s daughter) after them.Imam ^Ali gave his daughter Umm Kalthum (Hassan and Hussien’s sister) in marriage to ^Omar when ^Omar was Khalifah.What does Barak Allahu fik mean?May Allah bless youWhat is one of the proofs that Prophet Muhammad is the greatest Prophet?When our beloved Prophet went to Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, He led all the Prophets in prayer. Answer: Till the woman undergoes three menstruations after her divorce. Answer: After an iddah. Answer: Because they ran errands between the creator and the created. Answer: In Palestine. What is His name, and how is He related to Prophet Muhammad?He is Ibrahim ^alayhis-salaam.