He and Mori also fetch Tamaki for the reunion plan with his mother. Kuze has a long-standing rivalry with Kyoya, despite the fact they were once childhood friends, partly due to Kuze's habit of eating oranges with the rind still on. She is known for her ability to speak for a long time in a single breath; as such, her nickname among the club members is "Morse Code Lady." Michelle (ミシェル, Misheru), the princess of a fictional European country of Monaru, gives an official visit to Ouran Academy in place of her older brother, Laurence. 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His birth date is April 8 ,[7] and he is 16 years old at the beginning of the anime. manga, random, zodiacsign. loni. He works as a host/bartender in a cross-dressing club to support their middle-class lifestyle, contributing to her lax attitude towards gender. Yuzuru shares some of his son's characteristics, including a strange way of thinking, playfulness, a penchant for concocting bizarre plans that work, and a tendency to sit in a corner whenever he is kicked out or made fun of. In the last episode, she also appears to help lift the mood for the Club's second anniversary and convince Shizue Suou that the Club is not a mere "playground. In the volume 18 extras, Kasanoda is shown at the beginning of his romantic relationship with Mei Yasumura, who is informing him (to his astonishment) that Haruhi is pregnant and commanding him to knit something for the baby; his friend Tetsuya Sendo can be seen in the background, cheering him on and voicing his approval of Mei. In Chapter 72 of the manga, he graduates from Ouran but says he will return to the Host Club every so often, as does Mori. Although Tamaki is perceptive regarding others' feelings, which Hikaru and Kaoru both note, he is dense about his own. He once tried to hide his true nature by acting like a "real man," but after Tamaki convinced him that true courage meant being exactly who you are, he stopped pretending. This is not helped by the fact that Tamaki, who has grown depressed after he nearly lost Haruhi in a kidnapping, gradually drifts apart from the rest of the Host Club in favor of Megumi and even tells Haruhi that they do not seem to have anything in common, while he and Megumi do. Voiced by Maaya Sakamoto (Japanese), Aya Hisakawa (Drama CD), Caitlin Glass (English). they admit that sometimes they want to be told apart and sometimes don't. He agrees to his mother's comments of Haruhi being a wonderful girl after she surprises them by criticizing their lack of communication with each other. A special chapter released in July 2011 in Lala revealed how he met Mei. Another example is when he and Haruhi are shopping together at a mall, and he points out the false nature of an antique to an older woman who is about to buy it. Instead of danganronpa, it's Ouran Highschool Host Club this time ! Falling into depression, Tamaki helps her regain her spirit by playing the piano for her, leading to the discovery that they have a lot in common, such as the same interests in movies and TV series. In chapter 72, he graduates from Ouran, deciding to study Theory and Philosophy of Law (or Jurisprudence). (Kyerra: Don't over work yourself love.) She is fairly oblivious to physical or sexual attention in general. In one of the later extra chapters of the manga, it is shown that Ryōji was very protective of his wife before they started dating, to the point that he quit his job at that time to make sure she was always safe, and he found her to be a very "cool" person. Portrayed by: Kyoko Enami. In the volume 18 extras, he is seen as a college student, hugging Kirimi, an elementary school student; she is attempting to put his wig on his head, and Hatori noted that they still got along very well. Regarder Ouran High School Host Club anime en streaming HD gratuit sans illimité VF et Vostfr animesvostfr Autre titre: Ouran Koukou Host Club Synopsis: Fujioka Haruhi est une élève d’origine modeste, une “prolétaire” qui, grâce à ses résultats exceptionnels en classe, parvient à être admise au lycée Ouran. Later experiences concerning a member of his household named Tetsuya show him that there are already people at his home who know his good side; they do not mention it because they know he is kind-hearted and shy and easily embarrassed. During their second year of middle school, they meet Tamaki Suoh, who invites them to join the newly formed Host Club. She appears in later chapters stating that Tohru is working hard in England and wishing to help Tamaki. Still, in the end, Honey easily defeats him, choosing the things he loves most over his brother's feelings, much to Mori's surprise. Since Kyoya tells Kasanoda that Haruhi must appear to be male for "special reasons," he resolves to not cause her any trouble by publicly stating they will be "friends" forever so she will not have to worry about being thought odd by associating romantically with him. Post-epilogue, Yuzuha is revealed to have given birth to a third child: a daughter named Ageha. He is the captain of the Kendo Club and member of the Karate Club. In the volume 18 extras, it is revealed that Satoshi attempts to keep the Host Club going during the Hosts' year in Boston to preserve his brother's and Tamaki's legacy; to lure Yasuchika into helping him by promising toys. Ryoji states that Kotoko was both beautiful, intelligent, and a closet fan of St. Lobelia's Zuka Club of her day. She then asks her driver to head toward the airport without Tamaki, speaking of how wonderful and pure-hearted Tamaki is since he could smile at her after all that she had done. In addition to the club members, the storyline features customers and associates, family members, schoolmates, rivals, and other characters that come and go.