She had a good life. #wattpad #fanfiction Percy was abused by Gabe (No rape) and when he killed his Percabeth Fanfiction Argo 2 Daughter Of Poseidon Wattpad Books Percy Tony Stark adopts his strange nephew, Percy Jackson, after his sisters death. Find the hottest percyxoc stories you'll love. La misión: proteger a Harry Potter. Language: English Words: 3,943 Chapters: 10/? Poseidon is the Greek god of the sea, storms, earthquakes, droughts, floods and horses. Percy/Poseidon; All Characters; Summary. Percy Jackson, your average demigod, right, no. Bottom Poseidon (Percy Jackson) (3) Rimming (2) Anal Sex (2) Slash (2) BDSM (2) Public Sex (2) Other tags to include Exclude ? What if Percy had a normal childhood? Poseidon (Percy Jackson) (6) Triton (Percy Jackson) (5) Sally Jackson (Percy Jackson) (4) Nico di Angelo (3) Ethan Nakamura (3) Luke Castellan (3) Original Characters (2) Tony Stark (2) Exclude Relationships Amphitrite & Percy Jackson (11) Percy Jackson & Poseidon (7) What if they took normal vacations? And we had an excellent night. He isn't even the son of an Olympian. A … His children were Lindsay, a 7 year old, a 5 year old son, Thomas, and a 3 year old, Lilly. Isabella DiOro was born 2 years after the legendary Percy Jackson. Annabeth noticed Percy, giving him a kiss on the forehead. His Roman counterpart is Neptune. Life was going great for Percy. Percy, Nico, Leo, Jason y Piper deben ir a una escuela de magia llamada Hogwarts. YOU ARE READING. Poseidon had hidden her in his underwater castle so Zeus wouldn't have any more reason to be mad at him, and especially so he wouldn't hurt Isabella. Percy was extremely loyal and after having to watch those that he was loyal to die he was scarred for life and being immortal he knew that wasn't a good thing. ... Poseidon (Percy Jackson) is a Good Parent (42) Fluff (10) Protective Poseidon (Percy Jackson) (8) Sally Jackson is a Good Parent (7) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (6) Female Percy Jackson (6) Hurt/Comfort (5) Exclude Ratings Teen And Up Audiences (49) General Audiences (41) Not Rated (11) Mature (11) Explicit (2) Dumbledore pide ayuda a su amigo Quirón, ya que el Torneo de los Tres Magos está a las puertas y el futuro de Potter pende de un hilo. The next morning we awoke entwined in each other's arms, about as close as you could get. When Gabe closed the door, I checked my watch to find it had been an hour since I left Percy at school, It was about time for me to go and check on him. But everything changes when Marcus, another son of Poseidon, shows up. His best mates are Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. 3 years before Percy Jackson came to camp, there was another chid of Poseidon, a daughter to be exact, Colette Potter. "Percy Jackson is not the son of Poseidon. *Percy Jackson fanfiction* Alex Finley knew she was special since she was born. Percy remembered the proposal well, as it had happened earlier that morning: Percy approached Annabeth, who was reading a camp-owned copy of the Illiad on a bench at the dock. Godpercy Stories Wattpad 2020 Abaddōn first born son of Poseidon and Hestia was born after the 1st Titan War. Ever since her parents died she grew up at camp. Browse through and read percy jackson fanfiction stories and books . I laid down next to her. A loyal and kind father, disowned him. Percy knew going into all this that the war was dangerous and that some of his friends would die but he hoped beyond hope that that was just before battle nerves, something that wouldn't happen and was just a necessary caution. Story: Son of the Crossroads: The Lost Children of the Sea AN: Sorry for the delay on all my stories, was too busy with holidays and getting back to school; hopefully, I will be able to update more. The seven find out percy was abused fanfiction wattpad Living with the Gods Ch 1, Percy Jackson and the Olympians Read Porcy(Poseidon x Percy) from the story PJO'S Reactions To Ships by The_Blue_Hearted (BlueTaro) with 3,004 reads. Not a Poseidon cabin, nor an Athena one, but a Poseidon and Athena cabin we shared. This is the first book in my fanfiction series The New God series. It was curfew. fans, reactions, pjo. "So we must insist you accept our gift. When Alex enters a world full of myths, all she wants to do is go home and live a normal life. (Poseidon is not a god, Percy is 17 and his little sister Rosie is 3). Percy had three kids, though, he never expected them to have a mixed power of demigod, athena, poseidon, and human. I set Annabeth on our bed. A loyal and kind father, disowned him. Kronos was defeated, the gods were honoring their promise, he had an amazing sister, and his relationship with Annabeth was going strong. Weird things always happen to her that can never be explained, until now. Percy didn't like where this was going, when a god insists something you have no choice but to comply. AU where Percy was born a god and the council needs him as the end of the world was This is the first book in my fanfiction series The New God series. Poseidon shook his head, "My son is too modest for his own good." Poseidon's PoV. Percy Jackson, the son of Poseidon and a hero of Olympus has been betrayed by everyone her loved and cared. What if Poseidon and Sally had gotten married and they had never met Gabe? Protective Poseidon (Percy Jackson) (36) Poseidon (Percy Jackson) is a Good Parent (9) Emotional Hurt/Comfort (8) Fluff (7) Angst (7) Friendship (5) Hurt/Comfort (5) Family Bonding (5) Time Travel (4) BAMF Percy Jackson (4) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. He is the son of the Titans Kronos and Rhea, as well as one of the Big Three. Percy then … Ah, how Percy loved it when she did that. love, heroesofolympus, secrets. Poseidon (Percy Jackson) is a Good Parent (14) Protective Poseidon (Percy Jackson) (13) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (11) Alternate Universe (10) Hurt/Comfort (9) Humor (7) Family (7) Other tags to include Exclude ? Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series or the Heroes of Olympus Series. ... Percy Jackson came back from the war with Gaia to find his house being lived in by different people, with a story to tell him about his parents. His father is Gaea's first husband, the Sky himself." The adventures of Percy Jackson as the son of Ouranos, up to and above Heroes of Olympus with a rare pairing: [Percy x Piper] ! He sat next to her, and hid her leather satchel under the bench. Sign up Log in. Son of Poseidon, one of the seven cousins to Nico di Angelo, Thalia Grace, and her brother Jason Grace. She was the apple of her fathers eye, best friend to Annabeth and Luke. As Percy stared off into space, lilly pulled on his ear again, and this time at the top of her lungs yelled, "AUNT THALIA IS HERE! A year following their birth the Gods realized Poseidon's mistake. A … Browse through and read percy jackson fanfiction stories and books. The chosen one. She had tears in her eyes and said she didn't mean what she said to Poseidon and now she and her children faced the consequences of her big mouth.

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